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This program uses all ages learning to strengthen faith and bonds across generations within the church community. While in time it could grow to be an outreach program, building up relationships within the current church family is the first goal.

The curriculum is available in 5 to 8 week units with each session either
1 hour or 1 1/2 hours long. It can be offered whenever you choose - mid-week, Saturdays or before or after worship (a great opportunity to eat together first!).

The whole learning community gathers for opening worship and story which is followed by up to 7 centre options for response and reflection, dependent on your needs and available leadership. Participants can visit one or more of
Still Waters, Talking Circle, Play Place, Creation Space, Word Quest, Movie Magic and Snack Shack.

The closing time celebrates shared insights and a resource page is included for learners to take home to continue reflecting on their experiences. The learning in each unit is cumulative and meant to help families in particular to gain a sense of the biblical story and how to talk about faith together.

This can work with a group as small as 12. If you anticipate more than 80 people, it is recommended to offer two different times during the week. It can be very challenging to maintain the sense of community and meet learner needs with over 80 people.

This program can happen in a church with a sanctuary and lower hall or in a building with several floors and classrooms. All aspects can be tailored to meet the needs of your individual context.

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The Program Outline is absolutely essential to offering the program. It guides setting up of all aspects including leadership, promotion, and general supplies and considerations for the learning centres. This resource applies to every Join the Journey unit - you only need to buy it once.

47 pp with reproducibles
Price $19.75 CAD plus shipping and handling
ISBN 978-0-9812772-0-2

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Units Available

Each unit includes a Program Coordinator Handbook which outlines all of the stories covered, a session by session overview of all centre and activity choices, and a master list of unit-specific supplies. You will also receive 9 leader packs, one for each centre and leadership role, including unit and story background notes, activity suggestions and reproducible handouts.

Beginnings... is the first unit, with 7 sessions (Cain and Abel optional) covering Creation to The Tower of Babel. Learners will look at how these at times odd first stories of the Bible still impact our walk with God today.

38 pp and 9 leader packs with reproducibles
Price $26.50 CAD plus shipping and handling
ISBN 978-0-9812772-1-9

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Two Special Babies is a 7 session Advent unit focusing on the stories leading up to and including the births of John the Baptist and Jesus. While the emphasis is on these two prophesied servants of God, it is also focused on the faith and obedience of their parents.

36 pp and 9 leader packs with reproducibles
Price $26.50 CAD plus shipping and handling
ISBN 978-0-9812772-2-6
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Units in preparation include:

The Parents of God's People (Abraham and Sarah)
Jesus Grows Up (stories from Jesus' presentation in the temple until the beginnings of his public ministry)