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yami no english Welcome!

Are you looking for cost-effective resources besides strictly Sunday School curriculum? Do you have a desire for intergenerational learning or materials for a wide age range? Are you hoping to offer stand-alone events or a series that will help people to reconnect with each other and the Bible?

Seeds of Grace offers a growing variety of resources to churches. Written from a mainline perspective, we are trying to address the following needs:

  • Providing a safe space for dialogue and sharing about issues of our faith.
    No assumptions are made that people already know the story or believe the same things. We learn from each other and are encouraged to think deeply about how God's Word impacts us today. Some of our resources are designed for all ages learning and some are for young people especially.

  • Offering creative approaches which incorporate multiple learning styles and encourage imagination.
    There is not a lot of flash and glitz or over-stimulation with our resources. Instead of relying on these extras, we focus on relationship building and encountering God in simple and inspiring ways.

  • Integrating worship, fellowship, learning and outreach, as well as supporting faith nurture at home wherever possible.
    If we do not actively nurture and support families and only rely on a small amount of time each week to build faith in our learners, then we will struggle to equip followers to actively incorporate all aspects of faith into their daily lives.

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    gta v beta Offering leader support and flexibility for various contexts of ministry.

    Each program includes suggestions for modifying it to meet the needs of small or large numbers and small or large facilities. This website is meant to be a place of gathering new ideas as well as purchasing resources, whether securely online, by e-mail or mailing us a printable order form.

    Take a look, and feel free to contact us!

    The work of providing Christian Education is so important.
    Thank you for what you do to nurture those who are on the journey of faith in Christ!